Took the Leap into the Minecraft World

So I did it, I finally took that leap and used Minecraft in my class.  I have had the Minecraft app on my iPad for a long time now, and played it a couple times not really being able to get into it.  My students last year and this years class would always tell me about all the things they were making and telling me how to start.

I finally took that leap into the deep end with my class and installed Minecraft onto the iPads.  Knowing the basics of the game, I was relying on my students knowledge of the game to work through the problem, and bring those few students who have never played and me with my limited knowledge along.

In Science we are just finishing up our unit on Rocks and Minerals and have done a number of hands on exploring the properties of various rock and mineral samples.  This exploration which came from Involved students comparing the hardness of rocks and minerals in the Minecraft world to rocks and minerals in the real world with the Moh’s hardness scale.

Their were lots of aha moments and confirmation of learning that had happened throughout the unit.  The buzz in the room was amazing!


One thought on “Took the Leap into the Minecraft World

  1. Great post, I love seeing how you used Minecraft in the science classroom.

    I too grappled with the problem of having multiple students in the same world. I created a world on my iPad and invited students to join and create. After about 5 students had joined the lag was almost unbearable. I’m told the problem has more to do with the school wifi network than with the app itself. I got around this problem by having students perform a task in their own Minecraft world, taking screenshots of what they had created, and sharing with the class via Edmodo. I also could have used a padlet page to perform this task as well.

    Thanks for the informative post.


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