Top 15 Twitter Hashtags!

After Reading Andrea Brichacek’s (editor at ISTE)  blog post 18 education Twitter chats worth your time I thought I would take some time to think about the hashtags that I use most frequently.  I am asked by those new to Twitter where to start, and I always mention following a hashtag that interests them.  Here are my Top 15 +1 in no particular order. Each hashtag has its own purpose and is used at different points in my practice throughout the year.  I wish I had the time to be a part of each one every week, but that is just not the case. However, I am constantly checking in with the hashtags below as time permits and finding new hashtags and chats to be a part of which helps to grow my PLN around the world!

I have tried to include a summary of each hashtag from associated Twitter accounts and websites in italics and my thoughts in regular text.  If I have missed a moderator/founder, I apologize and will add them in.


A chat the last Tuesday (8:30-9:30pm EST) of each month,discussing the integration of technology in the classroom. Moderated by: @tina_zita a ITRT from Peel District School Board. Website:

A great chat that has allowed me to bounce ideas off like-minded educators within our board and beyond.  The hashtag is also used throughout the month to share ideas going on in classroom.


Monthly chat (4th Thursday of the month 8-9pm EST) chatting all things Math. Moderated by: Shelly Vohra.

A focused hour discussion about different Math topics throughout the year.  This connects with the #enagagemath and allows Math teachers to chat math for an hour.  This chat is a nice way to think critically about your Math program with other educators


Peel board hashtag run by Matthew Oldridge sharing the great work done by educators in the board and across the province bringing a problem solving based approach to math in the classroom.

This hashtag has been amazing in my journey changing my teaching in Math to a more problem solving approach.  Always a ton of ideas and people to brainstorm with.


Monday evenings from 8-9 pm EST This chat was founded by: @thomascmurray, @KatrinaStevens1, @iplante, @s_bearden, and @ajpodchaski Website:

All things tech within education is the theme of this chat/hashtag


A hashtag to connect educators looking to make Skype connections for the experience known as Mystery Skype.  If you have never heard of this, please check out this short video I created a few years ago, as well as their website.


@tomwhitby, @web20classroom@ShellTerrell), hosts two discussions on a pre-arranged education topic Tuesdays at 7 p.m. ET. Website:


Weekly chat on Wednesday nights from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST Discussing Environmental Education and Outdoor Education topics Moderated by: @RangerRidley @Sarah Lowes @Paul Kelba Website:


Grade level chat geared at Grade 4 Teachers.  Chats are Every Monday from 7-8pm central time.  Moderated by: @Paula Naugle,  @Nancy Carroll and @Jennifer Regruth along with other guest moderators. Website:

A chat with a small group of grade 4 educators across North America.  It has been great to connect with teachers in the same grade to connect classes and just share ideas.


A hashtag to share your students work with a global audience.  I have shared my students blog posts numerous times which has allowed them to have their blogs read and commented on by students and educators around the world.


A chat specific to education in Canada focusing on various topics every Monday (8 – 9pm EST) Website:


A chat to bring Ontario educators together. 1st Wednesday of the month (7-8pm EST).  Moderated by: Amy Bowker and Allision Fuisz Website:

A chat focused on educational topics with a Ontario focus, which is nice with recent changes to the Social Studies and Health curriculums


1st Thurs of each month at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST (moderators & )

A group of educators that are trying genius hour, passion projects or 20% time in their class.  A great chat to and network to help bounce ideas around.


Teach like a Pirate chat led by the pirate himself Dave Burgess.  Mondays (8-9pm CST) The chat extends topics and themes from his book titled Teach like a Pirate Website:

This was a book that I read last summer, that I would recommend all educators read.  An inspiring read, and now the # connects educators together who are helping to make school an experience!


A weekly chat Saturdays at 7:30 a.m. ET. Moderated by @bradmcurrie  and @ScottRRocco Facebook Page:

Wake up Saturday morning, grab a coffee and chat education.  Great way to start your weekend if you’re an early riser!


Every Sunday at 8:30pm AEDT Led by a group of educators including Zeina Chalich,  Brett Salakas, Rob McTaggart and others. Website

Expand your PLN around the world with this chat from Australia.  A chat I accidentally found on Sunday morning (you have to love time zones), and will try to chat it as often as I can.


For the +1 Twitter chat, it all can’t be about education. 🙂  This is a group of fans chatting about Canada’s team (The Montreal Canadiens). Website:

If your favourite chat didn’t make this list please let me know. As I was writing this post my list kept getting longer and longer because of all the great educators on Twitter connecting every day. Now our educational discussions are not reserved to the staff room. PD is 24/7, mobile and worldwide.

Happy chatting! What hashtags are on your list?


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