An Update to Periscope in the Classroom

A few weeks ago I wrote the blog post How we can use Periscope in the Classroom  about my initial thoughts on the new Periscope app. After trying the app in a variety of ways I thought I would update my initial thoughts. Please read through my initial post for a background, or it you missed it the first time around. 

Do we need a live stream of our students, or is a recording a better option?
I see certain applications where recording the live event is an excellent feature, but most of my video use in the classroom, a recording with the ability to re-record and edit would fit much better.

Imagine you’re a parent that can’t make it to your child’s concert, would logging in to see the live stream be something that was important to you, or is a recording posted online at a later date fine?

Your child is on a field trip, would you like a view into what they are experience, as they are experiencing it or would watch a video/looking at pictures with them when they return be better?

Both questions are ones, that would be personal opinions, and when I first tried Periscope thought would be perfect for, but now as I dig deeper, I think a recording would be just fine.

No option to critically review, edit, re-record
Once you press record, your video is live for the world to see. No stopping and re-recording because someone walked through the screen, an announcement interrupts a student, classroom behaviours arise etc. No matter how much students prepare, how many times they edit the script the 1st take is never perfect. With Periscope, that 1st take is the one that everyone sees. Yes, you can save the video to your Camera roll, but then why not use the camera app?

The ability for students to record, review and make needed adjustments is a skill that is very important. We don’t want to make video creation something that is disposable.

Do we need the stream to be viewed worldwide, or is a restricted educational following a better option?
Everything we record does not need a global audience. I know the big push is to connect to a global audience, but we don’t need to turn our classrooms into reality shows (i.e. Big Brother). Parents, Educators, and students need a glimpse into our classrooms, but we do not need to share everything. My wish would be that Periscope would allow you to not publish the video to their public site, but keep it private. I always post the link to my class Twitter account, for my followers to see. This group of followers are other classrooms that we have connected with, not the general public.

What about trolls?
Now I’m not talking about the trolls that live under the bridge, I mean the online trolls. The people that go online to post inappropriate photos, and comments. The ones that go on just to cause trouble. If you leave your settings open you are opening your broadcast up to allow anyone to comment, and some interesting comments you will get. Some of which are funny, some of which are inappropriate, but most add nothing to the video!

Ultimately, I think that Periscope needs to create an educational section within the app, to allow broadcasts to only be broadcast to educational/ pre determined followers for most applications.


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