Non-negotiable Extra Curriculars

I write this post after a day of swimming in the lake with my 4 year old daughter. She has gained such confidence in her swimming that she now feels confident to go out in deeper waters where she can’t see the bottom.

Swimming lessons, was one of the things that that my wife and I decided was something that would be an extra curricular activity that she needed to participate in. It is a skill that she needs to have as she grows up.  She will and has also participated in other extra curricular activities (dance, and gymnastics), but these were her choice. Now don’t think we are forcing her to go to swim lessons, she likes going to them.

In our schools we have lots of clubs and extra curricular activities that students participate in all the time, but are there any extra-curruclar activities that some students participate in that shouldn’t be extra, but be a part of every students day?

Coding? Social Media? Community service? Blogging? Connecting globally?

I know we only have a limited amount of time each day with our students, but as our world changes, do our non-negotiables need to change too?


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