Can’t seem to Disconnect

So it’s nearing the end of August as I finally publish this post. At the end of the school year, I said I would try and take a break from Social Media, or at least slow down a little, and then start thinking school in August (as per usual).

Well I think the opposite has happened.

I am on Twitter more now then during the school year. I have found a ton of new hashtags to follow, chats (both hour long and slow chats) to join and even co-moderate (#asiaED), and have expanded my PLN greatly.  I have been writing on my blog more (a lot of posts percolating in drafts), and more people are engaging with my work too.

Is this a bad thing? I don’t think so. We have more time in the summer as teachers to do the things that we love. Connecting with other educators and growing/learning about new things as a teacher is one of those things. Balance this love, with your other passions and you have a balanced, relaxing, exciting, and fun summer.

So  take some time each day and learn something new, connect with someone in your PLN, or share your thoughts on your blog.


One thought on “Can’t seem to Disconnect

  1. I can relate. I feel like I’ve connected more, not less, over the summer. No regrets. I’ve enjoyed having the time to reflect and think at a slower pace with fewer distractions.


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