WHOW (What Happened in Our Week)

Below is our 1st whole class co-constucted letter to explain “What Happened in Our Week”.  As the year progresses students will develop more independence in this task. We will move to working in groups, towards finally writing individual WHOW letters each week. We might even try to add a video component each week. Stay tuned! We hope you enjoy and will come back and read about our adventures next week!  

Friday September 11, 2015

Dear Parents,

     We are writing this letter to explain what we did in class this week. Hopefully you will enjoy reading about our experience during the first week of grade 4.

     On Tuesday we had our very first French class with Mr. Rust. At first we were curious, nervous, and some were excited, but by the end we all agreed that French is going to be Fun!  Later in the day we had a Paper Balance Challenge.  With a partner we had to balance on a piece of paper that got folded in half every round.  If you were touching the ground when the timer went off you were out. At first, it was easy, and got harder and harder with each fold.

     On Wednesday, we watched a video by Kid President telling us to “Be more Awesome”.  After the video we talked about our Goals for this year and how we will achieve them.  Next, we had to solve a Math problem with a partner. The problem got us to discuss the difference between a lot and a precise answer. After that, we had a competition to see which group could build the tallest paper structure. The tallest structure was 106cm tall!

     On Thursday, Mr. Wigmore was away so we had a supply teacher (Ms. Anthony). She was very nice and polite to all the students.  During DEAR we broke our Reading stamina record (5 minutes).  In the afternoon, we had 2 tests. A Math and Language test to see our levels. We had Free Time when we were done.

We had a great 1st week in Grade 4 and are excited to see what will come next!  We hope that you enjoyed hearing about our week and will come back next week to read about our experiences.


Mr. Wigmores Class (4B)


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