#Peel21st Blog Hop – My Most Memorable Moment

When I started this year telling my class that they would not be getting regular traditional homework like they have been use to, it was received either with shock, excitement, or flat out denial.

I want to give students time to explore their passions and grow as kids. I want the work they do at home (homework) to be an extension of the classroom.  With this freedom, I give them a voice to share their learning/work in class.

The first time a student came in to share, was when I did the fist pump of celebration. Yes with them watching me :). Their have been numerous other occasions of this happening, so instead of sharing the first I thought I would share a few of the things my students have done instead of me giving them ‘homework’:

-using Minecraft to build worlds/concepts discussed in class

-blog post about polar bears after a Google Hangout with Pen Hadow

-sharing a new addition strategy with his sibling/parent because they thought it was a cool trick

-downloading apps used in class to continue at home

-testing/sharing of apps/websites that would benefit classmates

-solving a puzzle/code introduced during our read aloud for #GRAFIAT

-taking a computer programming class on the weekends to follow his passion (He just shared the start of his game that he coded in Scratch today!).

How are you allowing students to follow their passions?

What has been your most memorable moment this year?

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13 thoughts on “#Peel21st Blog Hop – My Most Memorable Moment

  1. I found myself nodding while reading this post because of similar goings-on with my class. There have been a few conversations with parents about how “homework” will look different than the past. I find that once I state the case for this new style of homework, parents are on board as well.


  2. Ok, so I was laughing out loud at the fist pump piece. I may have been caught doing the same every now and then. What a great way of linking the formal (school) and informal (out of school) learning as they mention in the McArthur Foundations 21st Century learner clip. I will be watching Twitter for more!


    1. Yes the students definately smiled when the fist pump came out, but I was excited. I needed to let them know that this is what I had been talking about, and this was what they could be doing at home.. I’m glad it wasn’t recorded.. 🙂


  3. Empowering students to drive their own learning is what it’s all about! Sounds like your “homework” plan has been awesome. I love the idea of having students share their home-based learning in class.

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  4. Hi Jason! I have never been a fan of homework, that is, unless it has been redefined. The examples you cite just make an even stronger argument that traditional homework is as outdated and ineffective as lecturing to students as if they are blank slates. I kept thinking about ‘control’ while reading your post. You seem to have taken Seymour Papert’s famous quote — “I am convinced that the best learning takes place when the learner takes charge…” — and enacted it in your classroom with your students. By giving them a “voice” you are giving them more control. I am sure you see this an obviously better way to go… I hope others do, too!

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  5. Jason, great job! I stand and applaud!

    The funny part of homework is that it is never done anyways so why not give them something that they want to do. I love that you have honoured your students and given them a voice.

    Question: Has all of your kids embraced this? Have they all shared? If not what have you done to help motivate them to try?

    Also what have parents said?

    Thanks again for sharing.


  6. This is awesome. I often tell my students they should be exploring their own interests at home, but I realize I haven’t really given them a clear space/time to share those interests. And that’s probably what they really want, they want to share their learning and stories like we all do. Cheers.


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